Don’t Some Ingredients Cause Blackheads?

Much publicity has swirled around the idea that certain ingredients used in cosmetic products can cause blackheads. Unfortunately, this idea is largely the result of incomplete and flawed research. The fact is, most ingredients as they are used in cosmetic products do not have a blackhead-forming (comedogenic) effect. But, just to be sure our clients don’t solve one problem only to be plagued by another, we follow a clinically proven program of product development and formulation.

At Rx Systems PF we:

  • Have proprietary formulas that are non-comedongenic and hypoallergenic.
  • Use highest quality USP (United States Pharmacia) ingredients when applicable.
  • Avoid severely comedogenic ingredients.
  • Have appropriate concentrations of the active ingredient to produce clinical results
  • Avoid excessive use of perfume and fragrance ingredients.

You can be sure that Rx Systems PF products are formulated to provide maximum positive results with minimal risk of irritation or breakouts. We have real science that produces real results.