Enzymes are molecules that accelerate biochemical reactions. There are different types of enzymes, and each type must be chosen specifically for the desired reaction.

Our Enzyme Complex Peel was developed to enhance exfoliation, the process by which skin sheds its dead cells to allow for cell renewal. Research shows that a combination of enzymes produce the best results for enhancing exfoliation, so our peel includes not one but a combination of several proteolytic enzymes and lipolytic enzymes.

The activity of enzymes also depends on the acidity or alkalinity of the environment in which they react. Some act at an acidic pH and others at a higher pH. A pH level beyond the specific range deactivates the enzyme, so it is no longer effective. Rx Systems PF formulates our Enzyme Complex Peel with the ideal pH environment to ensure maximum results.

Unlike acid peels, our Enzyme Complex Peel acts only on the stratum corneum layer of the skin for a milder and gentler exfoliation. We also combine our enzymes with other natural ingredients that are nourishing and anti-inflammatory, such as colloidal oat extract (rich in beta-glucan which has anti-irritant properties), alfalfa herb (a natural source of vitamins C, D, E, and K), saponin (a natural plant surfactant), and carboxy-methyl-cellulose (a natural cellulose gum used to modify the mask’s consistency).

Unlike typical acne treatments that produce a similar exfoliating effect, our Enzyme Complex Peel is non-irritating. In addition, the proteolytic enzymes in our peel provide a wound healing effect to diminish acne scars.

By accelerating the removal of dead skin cells, our Enzyme Complex Peel improves skin texture, tone, color and pore size. It normalizes the thickness of the stratum corneum to allow better penetration of active ingredients in skin care products, including glycolic acid, alpha lipoic acid, azelaic acid, retinoic acid, retinol, vitamin C, growth factors, and other agents applied to improve the structure and function of the skin.

L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
L-ascorbic acid is a powerful antioxidant and is the most abundant antioxidant in the skin. In addition to its direct antioxidant effects, ascorbic acid is the primary replenisher of vitamin E.

Ascorbic acid helps the body protect itself from pro-oxidants (also called reactive oxygen species) that trigger the aging process. Pro-oxidants are generated by environmental factors such as smoking and pollution. When faced with pro-oxidants, the body uses antioxidants to neutralize them before they cause damage to the skin and its components. Unfortunately, ultraviolet rays break down the skin’s natural antioxidant protection.

Applying L-ascorbic acid can help protect the skin from photodamage. This protection can occur in the stratum corneum without penetration into the epidermis. However, to prevent photodamage to collagen and elastin and to stimulate collagen synthesis, L-ascorbic acid must penetrate the epidermis.

In addition to enhancing photoprotection, our serum’s antioxidant activity decreases skin discoloration, improves skin tone, and decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps prevent their formation.