Age Spots

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Age spots are flat, dark areas of the skin that vary in size and typically appear on areas that get regular sun exposure. Though age spots are most commonly found on people aged over 50, they can also develop on younger people, especially if they spend a great deal of time in the sun. There are a few ways to get rid of age spots. Some people opt for cosmetic surgery, which is expensive and poses certain risks. A safer, more affordable choice is to order products from a skin care company offering age spot treatment solutions that were carefully formulated to work with your skin type and its condition.

How Age Spots Form?

Also known as liver spots, sunspots and solar lentigines, age spots form due to overactive pigment cells. The creation of melanin produces a natural pigment that gives skin its color, and ultraviolet (UV) light speeds up its production. When skin has had years of sun exposure, age spots can appear when the melanin gets clumped in a mass thus creating high concentrations and therefore dark spots on the body. The right high-quality age spot treatment solutions have active ingredients that lighten age spots leaving the skin looking healthy with a youthful glow.

How to Choose the Right Age Spot Treatment Solutions for your Skincare Routine

When choosing age spot treatment solutions, you need to be very careful, as it is easy to throw away lots of money on products that don’t work. First of all, you can’t just get one age spot treatment product, and expect great results; a regime of three products is required. These include a cleanser, moisturizer, and reparative cream.

In order for age spot reparative creams to work, the skin’s pores must be clean to ensure total absorption. Some reparative cleansers claim to clean the skin, but many have ingredients that clog pores thus making age spot creams less effective. This is why it is critical to choose an age spot cleanser that’s designed to serve a purpose within an array of products that share a common goal: to remove age spots.

Be sure to look for cleaners that have Glycolic Complex–an amalgamation of alpha lipoic acid and glycolic acid to neutralize all free radicals located in the skin cell’s plasma membranes. This ingredient also helps to eliminate agents that cause inflammation. Finally, make sure the age spot cleanser is safe for daily use and works for your skin type. The best age spot treatment solutions in the form of a cleanser will work for all skin types, so just make sure this is indicated on the bottle.

Find the Best Facial Moisturizer Age Spot Treatment

Sometimes age spots form on the face, and you will need a special facial moisturizer to eliminate these blemishes. Remember, the sun’s UV rays are what causes age spots on the face to begin with. That said, find a good facial moisturizer age spot product that registers at SPF 35–a strength that will block out 95% UV. Not only will this help prevent age spots from darkening and new formations, but it will also help prevent photodamage which causes rapid aging of the skin that includes brown spots. A good facial moisturizer for age spots will also serve as a sunblock that helps prevent facial lines, wrinkles, and even cancer. Finally, make sure the age spot facial moisturizer contains Zinc Oxide, at least 7.5%. This ingredient has a very low irritancy level when compared to sunscreens based in chemicals.

Choosing Your Age Spot Reparative Cream

Now that you have the right facial cleanser and moisturizer to help fight and prevent age spots, it’s time to select the reparative cream–the third product stage in your daily routine. Like the other products, you will want to make sure that your age spot reparative cream is suited for your skin type and contains high-quality ingredients that promote healthy skin. Look for GA and ALA, as these ingredients will boost elastin and collagen levels in the skin. This in turn will reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and lighten dark spots giving you an energetic, youthful look. ALA also helps to relieve any oxidative stress that might have been caused by free radicals. The age spot reparative cream you choose should also contain Glycolic acid to break up clusters of dead skin cells leaving people with silky smooth skin that’s soft to the touch.

Age Spot Treatment from Plant Sources

Finally, when choosing an age spot treatment solution, look for something grounded in an all- natural base. Make sure the Alpha Lipoic Acid and Glycolic Acid is sources from plants thus serving as a natural formula. When active ingredients are blended with an all-natural base you get a superior product that’s better for your skin, and for the environment.

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