Reparative Cleanser (8 oz)


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    Reparative Cleanser (8 oz)

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    • DEEP CLEAN: The 10% Glycolic Acid facial cleanser is a master exfoliator. It gently removes excess oil and dead skin cells, revealing brighter and refreshed skin.
    • INTENSE REPAIR: Our proprietary ingredient, Glypoic Complex, couples glycolic acid with alpha lipoic acid to neutralize the free radicals in the plasma membrane of the skin cells. In the process, it also eliminates other inflammation-inducing agents.
    • YOUTHFUL APPEARANCE: Glypoic Complex is effective in reducing wrinkles, fine lines, undereye puffiness, skin discoloration, and redness. Regular use produces plump, hydrated and glowing skin.
    • FOR ALL SKIN TYPES:The Reparative Cleanser has been carefully designed to improve the health and texture of the skin, whether you have oily or dry skin.
    • SAFE FOR DAILY USE: The gentle formula is not harsh on the skin and can be used regularly as an everyday face wash.
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    Facial Moisturizer SPF 35 Original formula (2 oz.)

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    • SPF 35 blocks 95% UV. The AAD recommendation is broad spectrum protection (UVA/UVB) with at least an SPF of 30…so our product satisfies this requirement. UVA causes photodamage leading to accelerated skin aging – brown spots/discoloration, fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity. UVB exposure leads to pre-cancer and skin cancers. Our sunscreen protects against both.
    • Our product contains physical sunscreen, Zinc Oxide 7.5%
    • Low irritancy. Zinc oxide has virtually no irritant or allergen potential compared to chemical based sunscreens
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    Essential Lipid Hydrator

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    • PROTECTS SKIN:  Essential Lipid Hydrator protects the upper layer of the skin from the harmful elements in the environment and restores the lipid bilayer that protects the skin cells.
    • RESTORE MOISTURE: The effect of this hydration serum for face works deeply through the skin layers to keep it moisturized for long.
    • INTENSE REPAIR: The lipid bilayer of the skin is also instrumental in maintaining its structure, and this ultra-repair hydrating serum helps to strengthen it.
    • DERMATOLOGIST TESTED: The scientifically advanced formula of this active hydration serum has been developed by dermatologists and is highly effective.
    • DAILY USE: The product produces the best results with regular use on the face and neck. It can be used for normal to dry skin types.
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    Soft Grain Exfoliating Scrub (4 oz)

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    • SMOOTH SKIN: The natural grains in the scrub help in exfoliating dead skin cells, leaving you with soft and smooth skin.
    • GLOWING RESULTS: The soft grains buff the skin to give it an improved texture and a natural glow.
    • HYPOALLERGENIC: The botanical enzymes do not irritate the skin and organic Aloe Vera has a soothing effect, making it ideal for sensitive skin.
    • MOISTURIZING: Unlike most scrubs, the gentle action of the Soft Grain Exfoliating Scrub does not leave the skin dry.
    • ALL SKIN TYPES: The scrub can be used by men and women. The light formula can be used by anyone with dry, oily, or combination skin.

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