Hydrating System

Drench your skin in the rich nourishment of the Hydrating System. These luxurious moisturizing treatments soften and refresh dry skin with a gentle regimen that creates a healthy, glowing complexion.

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  • Intensive Hydration Facial Mask


    Promotes elasticity, softens and nourishes dry skin for a more radiant complexion.

  • Moisturizing Makeup Remover (4 oz)

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    Formulated for all skin types.

  • Maximum Strength Moisturizer

    • 24-HOUR MOISTURE: The scientifically-advanced powerful formula of the Maximum Strength Moisturizer keeps the skin hydrated for the entire day.
    • GENTLE ON SKIN: The natural and proprietary formula is free of artificial fragrances or skin-irritating chemicals, making it the best face moisturizer for sensitive skin.
    • ANTI-AGING: Deeply moisturizes your skin, eliminates signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, and brings out a more youthful appearance.
    • RESTORE SKIN: Daily use restores the natural layer of lipids on the skin to get rid of flakiness and help it become plumper and softer.
    • DAILY USE: The dermatologist-tested formula was developed using skin science, which makes it safe for everyday use for dry to normal skin types.
  • Sensitive Facial Cleanser

    • REMOVES MAKE-UP AND DEBRIS: Gently clears dirt, make-up, and dead skin cells, leaving skin soft and supple. Non-irritating and soap-free.
    • GENTLE ACTION: The balanced pH formula cleanses without irritation. Skin is left hydrated and residue-free.
    • HYDRATING: Deep cleansing without over-drying or disrupting the skin’s natural moisture.
    • FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Sensitive Facial Cleanser works for all types of skin and on both men and women.
    • REMOVES BACTERIA: The antibacterial action of the facial cleanser helps get rid of bacterial growth preventing breakout, acne and other related problems.
  • Essential Lipid Hydrator

    Essential Lipid Hydrator

    • PROTECTS SKIN:  Essential Lipid Hydrator protects the upper layer of the skin from the harmful elements in the environment and restores the lipid bilayer that protects the skin cells.
    • RESTORE MOISTURE: The effect of this hydration serum for face works deeply through the skin layers to keep it moisturized for long.
    • INTENSE REPAIR: The lipid bilayer of the skin is also instrumental in maintaining its structure, and this ultra-repair hydrating serum helps to strengthen it.
    • DERMATOLOGIST TESTED: The scientifically advanced formula of this active hydration serum has been developed by dermatologists and is highly effective.
    • DAILY USE: The product produces the best results with regular use on the face and neck. It can be used for normal to dry skin types.
  • Moisturizing Makeup Remover (8oz)

    Moisturizing Makeup Remover (8 oz)

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    Designed to remove eye and facial makeup without clogging pores. Professional size.

    8 OZ

Showing all 6 results