D FINE Deep Repair Protein Conditioner (4oz)


  • FIGHT DRYNESS: The formula moisturizes hair, helping dry, damaged and chemically treated hair to come to life again.
  • KERATIN RICH: Keratin is naturally found in the hair. The keratin smooth conditioner makes the hair hydrated, stronger and more manageable.
  • REPAIR HAIR: Panthenol in the Deep Repair Protein Conditioner improves the moisture retention and the elasticity of the hair making it healthier.
  • BOOST GROWTH: The Keratin and Panthenol in the conditioner help in boosting healthy hair growth leading to a thicker head of hair.
  • ALL HAIR TYPES: Deep Repair Protein Conditioner works for all types of hair and can be used by both men and women.
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Product Details

Frizzy, dry and damaged hair make every day a bad hair day. But, if you can get to the root of the problem, you can improve your hair health and get thicker, smoother and shinier hair. Deep Repair Protein Conditioner can do just that.

Deep Repair Protein Conditioner is fortified with ingredients like Keratin proteins and Panthenol. Keratin is the primary protein present in the hair strands. As the keratin levels go down, the hair starts getting dull and lifeless. Keratin amino acids moisturize the hair and reduce frizz. This deep conditioner with Keratin counters hair damage, making them more hydrated, thicker and smoother.

The Panthenol in the formula also improves hair health. The compound has a pro-vitamin form called Pantothenic acid, a member of the Vitamin B family. The Vitamin B nourishment promotes hair growth and slows down thinning hair. It also helps retain moisture and improves hair elasticity making the hair soft and healthy.

The combined impact of Keratin and Panthenol protects the hair, conditions them and encourages growth. The dermatologist-approved formula works for damaged and chemical or color treated hair as well.

Key Benefit:

Deep Repair Protein Conditioner with Keratin and Panthenol provides dry and damaged hair with a shot of moisture and nourishment to repair and restore hair to its original beauty.

How To Use

Wash hair with Rx Systems PF® Volumizing Glycolic Shampoo or Physician Strength Shampoo and then apply a dime-sized amount of the Deep Repair Protein Conditioner to the wet hair. Leave it on for at least a minute and rinse thoroughly. Use 2-3 times a week or daily for damaged hair.


Keratin Amino Acids: Keratin is the primary protein found in hair strands. It is responsible for maintaining the structure of the hair. Keratin keeps the hair smooth and hydrated.

Panthenol: A member of the Vitamin B group, it nourishes and moisturizes the hair resulting in thicker and more luscious hair.


Fortified with Keratin Amino Acids and Panthenol. Developed to restore pH and moisturize dry, damaged or chemically treated hair. Penetrates deep into the hair shaft to repair damaged keratin protein.


After cleansing with Rx Systems PF® Volumizing Glycolic Shampoo or Physician Strength Shampoo, apply Deep Repair Protein Conditioner to wet hair. Massage thoroughly. Leave in for one to five minutes and rinse thoroughly. For best results, use at least two to three times weekly or daily for damaged hair.

Active Ingredients

79 Keratin Amino Acids, Panthenol, pH 4.0 +/- 0.05


4 oz

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