Essential Lipid Hydrator


  • PROTECTS SKIN:  Essential Lipid Hydrator protects the upper layer of the skin from the harmful elements in the environment and restores the lipid bilayer that protects the skin cells.
  • RESTORE MOISTURE: The effect of this hydration serum for face works deeply through the skin layers to keep it moisturized for long.
  • INTENSE REPAIR: The lipid bilayer of the skin is also instrumental in maintaining its structure, and this ultra-repair hydrating serum helps to strengthen it.
  • DERMATOLOGIST TESTED: The scientifically advanced formula of this active hydration serum has been developed by dermatologists and is highly effective.
  • DAILY USE: The product produces the best results with regular use on the face and neck. It can be used for normal to dry skin types.

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Product Details

The common skin problems like dryness, breakouts, fine lines, and more may result from the natural aging process, the toxins in the environment, the makeup you use, or a combination of them all. But, you can make such problems go away by using the Essential Lipid Hydrator from Rx Systems PF®.

Essential Lipid Hydrator is a dermatologist approved product that works in two ways to help you regain your youthful appearance. It helps to moisturize the epidermis and keep it from drying and breaking out. Simultaneously, the serum for face hydrating also encourages in building up the lipid bilayer. This layer is a part of every skin cell and works as a filter for the skin. With age or inferior skincare products, the bilayer may weaken. However, Essential Lipid Hydrator helps to restore it, and hence maintains the structure of the skin cells and also protects it from any harmful foreign materials. It is also useful in fighting fine lines and wrinkles, and other signs of aging.

The natural hydrating facial serum does not contain any fillers or harmful synthetic substances. It is gentle on the skin and can be used by everyone with normal to dry skin or sensitive skin.

Key Benefit:

Add Maximum Strength Moisturizer to your daily skin care routine to get deeply nourished skin that feels soft, does not show signs of aging, and radiates a healthy glow.

How To Use

Wash the skin with the Rx Systems PF® Facial Cleanser and pat dry. Wait for 2-5 minutes after completing your regular skin care regimen, and then apply a few drops of the Essential Lipid Hydrator on the face. Start massaging the product on the face until it absorbs. Use more if you wish to apply it on the throat and the chest. After you are done, apply makeup or sunscreen lotion.


100% squalene (plant derived)

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