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  • INTENSE HYDRATION: The luxurious cream comes with the goodness of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Glycerin for deep moisturization.
  • EXFOLIATION: The Glypoic Complex in the formula helps get rid of the clumps of dead skin cells that make the skin look rough and uneven.
  • ANTIOXIDANT: The Cream also contains Alpha Lipoic Acid, which is a powerful antioxidant, protecting the skin against free radical damage.
  • BETTER SKIN QUALITY: It also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, making the skin look healthier.
  • EASY TO ABSORB: The small molecules of the Glypoic Complex easily penetrate the epidermis and nourish your skin from within.
  • CLEANSES THE SKIN: The Reparative Body Wash deep-cleans the skin and exfoliates the dead skin cells to give you soft and smooth skin.
  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Organic Aloe Vera in the formulation soothes the skin and prevents redness or inflammation.
  • HYDRATES SKIN: The body wash also contains glycerine. So, your skin will not feel dry and tight after taking a bath, but supple and thoroughly moisturized.
  • POTENT ANTI-OXIDANT: Glypoic Complex™ in the Reparative Body wash protects the skin against oxidative damage, and keeps it young.
  • PREVENTS INGROWN HAIR: The formulation helps in preventing the incidence of ingrown hairs. Use the dermatologist-tested body wash every day for a healthy and youthful skin.

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Reparative Body Cream (8oz.)

Rich, creamy body moisturizing cream enriched with proprietary Glypoic Complex™, which couples 10% Glycolic Acid (a results-proven alpha hydroxy acid derived from sugar cane) with Alpha Lipoic Acid, a powerful antioxidant for neutralizing free radicals that cause skin damage.

  • Vitamin A & E, Glycerin and organic Aloe Vera accentuate the nourishing moisture to the body, leaving skin more hydrated, moist and bright.
  • Light fresh, clean scent with no greasy residue.
  • Effective prep for sunscreen, self-tanning products and spray, allowing application on smoother skin surface.
  • Works synergistically with Reparative Body Wash for optimal exfoliating results.
  • Improves appearance of arm bumps with regular usage, encouraging cell turnover.
  • Partners well with Soft Grain Exfoliating Scrub to enhance exfoliating, even on hands and feet.
  • Generous 8 oz size lasts 8-16 weeks.

Reparative Body Wash (8oz.)

The perfect body wash for men and women with all types of skin.  Reparative Body Wash gently cleanses away dirt and keeps buildup of dulling dead skin cells swept away. Organic Aloe and glycerin soothe and help the skin retain moisture. Enriched with proprietary Glypoic Complex™, a powerful combination of 15% Glycolic Acid (a proven alpha hydroxy acid derived from sugar cane) & Alpha Lipoic Acid.  Acts as a powerful antioxidant for neutralizing free radicals that cause skin damage.

  • Intensify exfoliation with loofah, washcloth, body brush and Soft Grain Exfoliating Scrub, event on hands and feet. Lighten up on pressure with any irritation.
  • For best results, follow with Reparative Body Cream for optimal exfoliating results.
  • Generous 8 oz size lasts 8-16 weeks.

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