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Rejuvenating Cleanser (8 oz)



Pollution and dust wreak havoc on the face skin. They quickly accumulate on facial skin and clog the skin pores, in turn leading to a breakout. Without proper cleaning, even dead skin cells start building up on the skin’s surface, exacerbating the problem further. What you need is an expert face wash that provides the deep cleanse that your skin needs without drying it out. The Rejuvenating Cleanser is the answer.

Rejuvenating Cleanser contains a unique combination of 2% Glycolic Acid and Alpha Lipoic Acid. Both of these components are known to be the key ingredients in successful skincare products. The Glycolic acid helps loosen and dissolve the glue that keeps the dead skin cells together. It is also a powerful cleanser. The Alpha Lipoic Acid, on the other hand, helps in promoting healthy cell growth. The combination of these ingredients is known as Glypoic Complex, which encourages elastin growth and lends a better skin tone. Rejuvenating cleanser can be used as a face wash for oil control, acne, and other common skin problems.

The Rejuvenating Cleanser does not just clean the skin but also leaves it with a youthful hue. The fact that it works well for both regular and sensitive skin types makes it the go-to facial cleanser. It can be used as a daily face wash for men & women.

Key Benefit

Prevent the buildup of dirt and dead skin by deep cleansing the skin with the Rejuvenating Cleanser enhanced with the unique formulation of 2% Glycolic Acid & Alpha Lipoic Acid.

How To Use

Take a small amount of the Rejuvenating face cleanser and massage it on the face to help it penetrate. Wash the face with cold water and pat dry. Use more if you wish to apply it to the throat. It can be used to remove makeup as well. Use daily to get the best results.

Key Ingredients

Glycolic Acid: The 2% Glycolic Acid cleanses the skin by dissolving the substances keeping the thick layer of dead skin together leading to smoother skin. Helps in cleaning the skin.

Alpha Lipoic Acid: Improves the production of collagen and protects the skin from free radicals to help improve skin quality and tone.


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Great skin care product!

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