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Top Derm Tips for Dry Skin

Top Derm Tips for Dry Skin

7 Tips to Relieve Dry Skin from our Dermatologist

Dry skin is a condition that millions of Americans deal with on a regular basis. In a 2019 article by ‘The New York Post’, a skincare study was conducted and highlighted in which 2,000 Americans were surveyed. 60 percent reported having unhealthy, dry and itchy skin in the winter months, with one fourth stating that the condition is year-round. From investing in the best skincare products for dry skin, to making a few simple lifestyle changes, there are a number of things you can do to obtain moisturized, healthy skin.

Buy High-Quality Products for Dry Skin

You can walk into any chain drug store and find half a dozen skincare products that claim to heal dry skin and relieve itchiness. However, many of these products are poorly made and only offer temporary relief without fighting the root of the problem. You will want to invest in a good facial moisturizer, and a moisturizer lotion for the body.

RX Systems offers the Intensive Hydration Facial Mask in 2 oz. and 8 oz options. This product nourishes dry skin for a moisturized, healthy glow while promoting elasticity. It also gives the skin a silky, soft feel. The Intensive Hydration Facial Mask will work better if the other things you commonly put on your face were engineered to handle dry skin. RX Systems also offers a makeup remover that moisturizes dry skin, and a moisturized cream for the eyes that helps remove fine lines.

When it comes to the face and body, RX Systems offers the Essential Lipid Hydrator. This product for dry skin garners protection and moisturizes the skin by safeguarding the top layer from destructive environmental factors while restoring the lipid bilayer that guards the skin cells from harm. The hydration serum works at deep levels throughout the skin to ensure it is properly moisturized for long periods of time. Elements. High-quality products for dry skin have the ingredients that help to cure dry skin, while cheap imitations only mask the problem for short periods of time, so do your skin a favor and invest in the good stuff!

Showering and Bathing with Dry Skin

Another dermatologist tip revolves around showering. For starters, reduce the time you spend showering or bathing to 5 to 10 minutes. In addition, so long as you don’t have any serious hygiene issues, you are advised to bathe or shower every other day as opposed to daily washings. Showering and bathing removes healthy oils and bacteria from your skin that helps keep it moisturized. If you bathe too often, or too long, you could be contributing to your dry, itchy skin while allowing bad bacteria to enter your body through cracked skin. You should also invest in products for dry hair, as the relationship between the hair, scalp and skin is a critical one.

You should also avoid washing in hot water. Instead, use warm water because it is kinder to your body and its healthy oils.

Apply Moisturizer as Soon as You are Done Bathing

Once you dry off from your shower, be sure to use a high-quality facial moisturizer and body moisturizer. When you wash you are removing critical healthy oils that protect and hydrate the skin, so applying a moisturizer right after showering will stop any destructive process that may be going on in your skin layers at the peak of vulnerability fresh from bathing.

Nourish Dry Skin with the Right Diet

Using skincare products for dry skin is an essential part of keeping your skin hydrated and beautiful, but the food you eat also plays a critical role in fighting dry skin. Be sure your diet consists of fatty fish such as mackerel, salmon, and herring. The oils in these fish will help keep your skin hydrated. Avocados are another great food for combating dry skin, as the good fats and oils help to hydrate the dermis. Other foods that promote skin hydration include broccoli, tomatoes, red or yellow peppers, walnuts, sweet potatoes, and sunflower seeds.

Dress to Combat Dry Skin

Make sure you wear clothing that derives from 100% natural fibers like cotton or silk. Non-organic fibers can cause skin irritations and absorb the healthy oils that keep our skin hydrated. Make sure your clothing isn't tight or clingy; it should offer just enough breathing to keep the skin healthy.

Sleep with a Humidifier to Fight Dry Skin

Humidifiers add moisture to the air, and when used every night, they play a major role in keeping your skin hydrated. The moisture released into your bedroom from a humidifier can even restore moisture lost from the day, ensuring your skin is always getting a healthy level of moisture to prevent dry skin from developing.

Contact RX Systems for the Best Products to Fight Dry Skin

RX Systems is a skincare leader offering products for all skin types that keep your dermis fully hydrated while fighting the pangs of dry skin. Call today and tell our knowledgeable staff about your current skin condition and we will help you find the best products to fight dry skin and give you a stunning youthful glow.


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