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5 Products You Need to Include Your Skincare Routine for Adult Acne

5 Products You Need to Include Your Skincare Routine for Adult Acne

While you may have left your love for pop punk music behind in high school, acne isn't something you can easily say farewell to. According to a study conducted by Health Line, the rise in adults with acne problems is significant compared to previous decades. The study revealed that 85% of females and 15% of males have adult acne.

It isn't uncommon for adults to battle acne. Many will deal with blemishes into their 30s and 40s, and even into their 50s. In fact, some people will get acne for the first time in their adult years--a condition dermatologists refer to as “adult-onset acne”. It is also common for women to deal with acne while going through menopause. When you stop to consider all of these facts, finding the best skincare for acne products by a science-backed company is critical to having healthy, beautiful skin. Here are five things you should know when it comes to adult skincare for acne--information that will help you select the best acne skincare products.

The Best Skincare for Acne will Include Products with the Right ingredients

Controlling acne can be very difficult, depending on the severity of your condition, but having clear healthy skin is not out of the realm of possibilities. There are certain ingredients in skincare for acne that dermatologists swear by. Experts agree that products designed to treat acne should contain Glycolic Acid--a formula that breaks down oily and dry skin thus allowing it to clear up. Products designed to improve skincare for acne should also contain Azelaic Acid because it eliminates the bacteria that causes acne breakouts.

The best skin care for acne treatment will contain other important ingredients too. Some, such as Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate and Stearate contain antibacterial properties, while Niacinamide feeds the skin vitamin B3, Ellagic acid acts as an anti-inflammatory, and Emblica Fruit Extract nourishes the skin with vitamin C. All of these, and other ingredients, play roles in protecting and improving the condition of your skin while fighting acne. And remember, the best skincare for acne products usually come in more than one bottle, as each cream and serum plays a critical role in fighting acne that work best when used together.

What Types of Products go Into the Best Skincare for Acne Treatments?

Any product that claims to be an “all-in-one” should be regarded with suspicion, as it takes a specific regiment of products promoting skincare for acne. When selecting acne products, look for the following:

1. Facial Mask 

A facial mask should utilize ingredients to achieve oil control in your skin to fight acne from developing. When investing in a good facial mask that fights acne, make sure the product reduces oil levels, removes dead skin, is antibacterial, reduces pore size, and it should balance and normalize the pH levels in the skin.

2. Skin Toner

The skin toner is a critical component to skincare for acne, as it helps to unclog pores so that the other products can work more effectively. It will also work with other acne skincare products to reduce oil levels in the skin, while moisturizing dry skin so that it is in a healthier state to combat acne. The toner will also smooth out your skin by improving its collagen levels and elastin production. Facial toners should be used daily as part of your facial skin care routine to fight acne and improve the look and feel of your skin.

3. Lotion Designed for Acne Control

Not all facial lotions are equal, some actually cause acne breakouts! Like other skincare for acne products, a good lotion will eliminate bacteria on the skin--one of the many things that leads to acne. Azelaic Acid is a main ingredient to look for in acne lotions, as it clears away dead skin cells that clog pores and improves the skin’s texture and leads one to having an even skin tone which will rid the face of blemishes and blackheads. Finally, make sure the acne lotion works to balance pH levels.

4. Acne Spot Treatment 

Sometimes, as hard as we try, the occasional pimple might begin forming. Therefore you want to add an acne spot treatment product to your array of skincare for acne products. Waiting for blackheads and blemishes to vanish over time on their own can be painful and extremely inconvenient, especially if you have an active social or professional life. A good acne spot treatment product will speed up the healing process of existing pimples while soothing any inflammation. It will also fight the bacteria that caused the acne to begin with.

5. Sunscreen

A high quality sunscreen (preferably a physical sunscreen containing zinc oxide with at least 30 SPF) should be included in your Adult Acne Skin Care Routine. Doing this will provide an extra layer of protection from sun damage and skin cancer while the above products correct and prevent Adult Acne. Don't worry a quality sunscreen will not clog your pores or cause acne breakouts. Your sunscreen should be the last product you apply to your face and neck each morning.  

Look for these products from a single skin care provider that uses only the highest quality of ingredients, and that uses science-backed data to offer products that work above and beyond those cheap drug store mass=produced substitutes that never offer 100% effectiveness.

Why RX Systems Offers the Best Skincare Acne Fighting Products

RX Systems is known throughout the skincare industry as the leading brand on skincare products for acne; Started in 1996 by Dr. Lawrence E. Samuels, a board-certified dermatologist, every product is backed by years of research conducted on all skin types and it delved into the exploration of how various ingredients and products work to fight acne. Dr. Samuels wanted to create highly effective acne skincare products that are easy to use, simple, and affordable for the average person. Call RX Systems today and ask our team of experts to help you put together a skincare for acne treatment plan designed to help you achieve your beauty goals with healthy, soft, flawless skin.


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